My All time Favorite Drum Tracks

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I decided to start a list of my all time favorite drum tracks. I think I might have to list them by style since there are so many great ones.

[label style=”2″]Pop[/label]

Victor Indrizzo/Colbie Calliat-Coco

Bernard Purdie/Hall and Oates/Steely Dan

Vinnie Colaiuta/ Just about any track-Zappa

Jeff Pacaro – Rosanna/Africa/Beat It/

Steve Gadd – 50 ways/Late in the evening/

Brian Macleod/Sara Bareilles

[label style=”2″]Classic Rock[/label]

Just about any Bonham

[label style=”2″]R&B[/label]

AL Jackson/Al Green/Booker T

Bernard Purdie/James Brown/Aretha

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