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  • PAT I AM BLOWN AWAY!!!You are truly an amazing drummer… Your timing is impeccable, your professionalism is exceptional and you seem to be a really good person… I thank the Lord for directing me to you..God Bless You Pat… I LOVE what you did to the track… Every-thing you did was PERFECT!!!!!
    Chris Allman, Slam City Productions / Barbados
  • After searching high and low for the right session drummer for my LP project, I decided on Pat for the drum tracks because of his personality, skill, cost, and overall professionalism. What I have received, in turn, is an album full of fantastic and tight drum tracks that fit perfectly for all of my songs, giving them a superb quality sound. And his turnaround time is quick, too. For a very reasonable price and “major label” quality drum tracks, I highly recommend using Pat Bautz and Real Drum Studio over everyone else. You will not be disappointed!
    Joe Colledge, Singer-Songwriter Joe Colledge.com
  • Hi Pat, I just listened to my song demo Why can’t we all find true love, and my impression is that you guys hit a homerun. I love everything about it. You guys do excellent work. Thanks.
    Patrick Fox, Songwriter
  • Well done! I absolutely love it, Pat. (Angels Are All Around You). It was a leap of faith for this new music publisher to turn over to you this very first song in our catalog, which we did in its most basic form: just the guitar music and the lyrics. Yes, I knew it was a hit song when I signed it to the catalog, but you (and the other outstanding musicians you hired for the project – please be sure to thank them again for me too) captured my vision for the song perfectly and really made it come alive in the full production of it. Your post-production follow-up was equally as impressive. Pat, you are the consummate professional and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Ed Dzwonkowski, Creative Director Follow Your Plan Inc
  • The song sounds perfect, I dig the shaker and the tambourine and I really like the hand drum at the end, I actually was using a little conga loop from garage band before, but I love yours because…it’s real, it’s like you were zoning in on my brain waves.
    RPI: Solo Artist and Songwriter
  • Great Job!!!!!!!!!! You are a very talented drummer.
    Dave Miller
  • I’ve worked with Steve Smith, Greg Errico, Chet McCracken, Charlie Martin [Silver Bullet Band] and more and Pat is top of the heap with a great groove and extensive computer and studio knowledge. What are you waiting for? Get your groove on.
    Paul Kingery: Bob Seger, Ronnie Laws, Three Dog Night
  • Pat’s been playing on my tracks for almost 10 years. As far as I’m concerned it doesn’t get ANY better!
    Rye: Musician, Producer and Winner of the USA Songwriting Competition
  • The best drum tracks money can buy!
    Giuseppe Spinoza : songwriter and musician/ Italy
  • To have a world class drummer like Pat doing live tracks via the internet is a dream come true!
    Rob Swenson : Musician songwriter / Air Supply / Rita Coolidge