Custom Drum Track Services FAQ

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1How do I get my songs to you?
You can attach a stereo WAV or AIFF file mix of your song on the order form. Add a bar of click at bar one (preferably a hat sound at eighth notes). DO NOT include any drum machine or drum loops in the file reference mix. Please supply the beat per minute or BPM that the reference was recorded at.

2How can we collaborate on my song?
We can set up a specific time for your session and we can stream live video and audio thru Skype so you can produce your tracks.

3What sample and bit rates do you offer?
We offer 44.1khz to 192khz sample rates and 16 or 24 bit resolution!

4How many drum tracks will I receive back?
Typically your Drum tracks will include Kick, Sub Kick, Snare top and bottom, Hat, Ride, Tom1, Tom 2, Tom3, Overhead Left, Overhead right and Left and Right room mic’s. I can also supply you with other tracks such as an different off room miking etc. The possibilities are endless.

5Are the drum tracks and song demos Really Master Quality?
My drum tracks and Song Demos have been used nationally and internationally on the radio television and in film.

6How do we get the drum track I want?
EXAMPLE “I would like the drums to enter in verse.”
EXAMPLE “Drums should follow the figure in the bridge.”
If you have a cord or drum chart that would really be helpful
Two revisions(If needed) is included in the price

7Can you add other percussive instruments?
Yes I can add congas, jimbay, other hand drums, shakers, cabassa, etc..

8What formats do you support?
We can send your final tracks in WAV or AIFF. these files are compatible all Digital Audio recording programs such as Pro tools, Sonar, Digital Performer, Logic, Cubase, etc.

9How do I get my final tracks?
I will set up an FTP link for you to download or I can send you a data CD.

10Can you get other musicians to play on my tracks?
I can get the best players available for your tracks!

11Can I include you in my credits?

12What kind of payment do you accept?
Most major credit cards. Paypal.